United K12 Academy nurtures students to become life-long independent learners. We offer accredited online courses for students in grades K-12 that will prepare students for successful futures at colleges and universities. Our program is designed to meet the needs of families seeking school options for their kids that provide individualized attention, independent mastery and a flexible schedule.

United K12 Academy’s grade 9–12 education features a college preparatory private school curriculum that is fine-tuned to launch each student into a successful future. While math, science, English, and social studies form the core of the high school curriculum, we also offer a wide variety of online courses that provide a solid foundation for whatever path graduates choose: attending college or starting a career.

We offer in-depth support to ensure that students understand the United K12 Academy graduation requirements and are well prepared for life beyond high school.

We understand that parents are busy and that teaching school curriculum to your own children can be challenging. That’s why we provide options to combine the curriculum with a learning coach and 1:1 tutoring. Choose what is best for your child.

United K12 Academy offers various levels of support to help your student achieve their goals. Students can choose from three different plans depending on their needs:

Basic Plan: Open to native English speakers and provides access to our curriculum via Connexus® and teachers versed in online instruction. Students should have their own support network to ensure their success for this plan.

Guided Plan: Open to any student who can benefit from the individualized attention by our Learning Coaches. In addition to curriculum and teacher access, our learning coaches will help keep students on track to achieve their goals.

Tutoring Plan: Our most robust plan, students will receive our top-notch curriculum, a learning coach to keep them on track, and 30 hours of 1:1 subject based tutoring.

Top-notch Curriculum

Our virtual school courses meet or exceed U.S. standards, as well as those set by leading educational organizations. They integrate the best texts, materials, and resources available to create a curriculum that keeps students engaged in new and creative ways. 

Subject-based Tutors

Our tutors are certified educators who have been carefully screened and background checked. Most of our tutors hold a Master’s degree or high to prove mastery of his or her subjects.

1:1 Learning Coaches

Our Learning Coaches treat education as an individual matter.  They support and motivate students to stay on track with lessons, monitor progress, communicate and collaborate with teachers, send out weekly reports to parents, and a lot more.

Sample Curriculum

The sample lessons will give you an idea why 96% of our parents say that the curriculum is high quality and 94% of our parents say that our technology improves their child’s experience.

Source: Pearson Online Academy

What Our Students Say

I love United K12 because of the flexibility and easy access to teachers. They are always available and ready to help in any way that they can.


“The learning coach helped me a lot on how to operate the Connexus System as well as some of my class questions. She is both my teacher and my friend. Whenever I have difficult in class or technique, she can always deal with it quickly.”


“All teachers are very responsible. The learning coach checks students’ progress almost every day and give feedback to us; Tutors start class on time and help students a lot.”


What I like most is how everything is so focused and structured on the students. I can do schoolwork at time that works best for me, take a break when I need to do so, and move at my own pace. The teachers, courses, and real-time online lessons are so focused on my needs as a student, and I genuinely feel like the teachers care about me and greatly desire for me to succeed. This really helps to encourage me, and makes me push myself further in order to do the best I can.


Available Courses

Language Arts

  • AP English Language & Composition A
  • AP English Language & Composition B
  • AP English Literature & Composition A
  • AP English Literature & Composition B
  • English 10 A
  • English 10 B
  • English 11 A
  • English 11 B
  • English 12 A
  • English 12 B
  • English 9 A
  • English 9 B
  • Honors English 10 A
  • Honors English 10 B
  • Honors English 11 A
  • Honors English 11 B
  • Honors English 12 A
  • Honors English 12 B
  • Honors English 9 A
  • Honors English 9 B


  • Algebra 1 A
  • Algebra 1 B
  • Algebra 2 A
  • Algebra 2 B
  • Algebra with Finance A
  • Algebra with Finance B
  • AP Calculus AB A
  • AP Calculus AB B
  • AP Calculus BC A
  • AP Calculus BC B
  • Calculus A
  • Calculus B
  • Consumer Math A
  • Consumer Math B
  • Geometry A
  • Geometry B
  • Honors Algebra 1 A
  • Honors Algebra 1 B
  • Honors Algebra 2 A
  • Honors Algebra 2 B
  • Honors Geometry A
  • Honors Geometry B
  • Honors Precalculus A
  • Honors Precalculus B
  • Precalculus A
  • Precalculus B
  • Statistics A
  • Statistics B


  • AP Biology A
  • AP Biology B
  • AP Environmental Science A
  • AP Environmental Science B
  • Biology A
  • Chemistry A
  • Chemistry B
  • Earth Science A
  • Earth Science B
  • Gifted and Talented Science 8 (Biology) A
  • Honors Biology A
  • Honors Chemistry A
  • Honors Chemistry B
  • Honors Earth Science A
  • Honors Earth Science B
  • Honors Physics A
  • Honors Physics B
  • Physical Science A
  • Physical Science B
  • Physics A
  • Physics B
  • Talent Development Science 8 (Earth Science) A
  • Talent Development Science 8 (Earth Science) B

Social Studies

  • AP Human Geography A
  • AP Human Geography B
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP United States Government and Politics
  • AP United States History A
  • AP United States History B
  • Economics
  • Geography and Society
  • Honors American Government B
  • Honors United States History A
  • Honors United States History B
  • Honors World History A
  • Honors World History B
  • Personal Finance
  • United States History A
  • United States History B
  • World Geography
  • World History A

Elective Courses

Career Technical

  • Educational Technology and Online Learning 3
  • Health and PE
  • Health, Fitness, and Nutrition A
  • Health, Fitness, and Nutrition B

Life Skills

  • Personal Fitness
  • Personal Fitness II
  • Physical Education


  • AP Art History A
  • AP Art History B
  • AP Spanish Language A
  • AP Spanish Language B
  • Art and World Cultures A
  • Art and World Cultures B
  • Art History A
  • Art History B
  • Chinese I A
  • Chinese I B
  • Chinese II A
  • Chinese II B
  • Chinese III A
  • Chinese III B
  • Digital Photography I A
  • Digital Photography I B
  • French I A
  • French I B
  • French II A
  • French II B
  • French III A
  • French III B
  • French IV A
  • French IV B
  • German I A
  • German I B
  • German II A
  • German II B
  • German III A
  • German III B
  • Introduction to Graphic Design A
  • Introduction to Graphic Design B
  • Japanese I A
  • Japanese I B
  • Japanese II A
  • Japanese II B
  • Latin I A
  • Latin I B
  • Latin II A
  • Latin II B
  • Latin III A
  • Latin III B
  • Living Music I
  • Living Music II
  • Sign Language I A
  • Sign Language I B
  • Sign Language II A
  • Sign Language II B
  • Spanish I A
  • Spanish I B
  • Spanish II A
  • Spanish II B
  • Spanish III A
  • Spanish III B
  • Spanish IV A
  • Spanish IV B
  • Language Arts
  • Journalism A
  • Journalism B
  • Reading and Writing for Purpose
  • Speech and Debate

Elective Courses (cont.)


  • AP Statistics A
  • AP Statistics B


  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Astronomy: Exploring the Universe
  • Environmental Systems A
  • Environmental Systems B
  • Forensic Science 1
  • Honors Marine Science A
  • Honors Marine Science B
  • Introductory Astronomy
  • Marine Science A
  • Marine Science B

Skill Building

  • Driver’s Education
  • HS Introduction to Online Learning

Social Studies

  • AP Psychology
  • Business Law
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • Introduction to Law
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychology A
  • Psychology B


  • 2-D Animation
  • 3-D Computer Modeling A
  • 3-D Computer Modeling B
  • AP Computer Science A (A)
  • AP Computer Science A (B)
  • Concepts of Engineering and Technology
  • Emergent Computer Technology
  • Game Design I A
  • Game Design I B
  • Game Design II
  • Introduction to Computer Applications
  • Web Design A
  • Web Design B