High School Courses


Students who enroll in the fully accredited online high school classes at United K12 get the flexibility and support they need to succeed in every facet of their lives. Each student follows a personalized learning plan and has access to school counselors who help promote academic achievement and personal development.

The 9–12 education features a core curriculum including math, science, English, and social studies. Electives in varied topics such as digital photography, marine science, game design, and world languages encourage students to explore and grow to become well-rounded individuals. Honors and Advanced Placement®* courses provide the challenge needed for college preparation. Students can also prepare for the future by joining college and career clubs.

Preparing for College

College and Career Planning

To make sure that each senior class is well prepared for the transition out of virtual high school and is aware of the graduation requirements, United K12 provides:

  • Access to a full-time certified school counselor
  • Assistance creating a four-year academic plan
  • College and career planning, including:
    • Guidance in finding appropriate college or career opportunities
    • LiveLesson® online workshops on topics such as the college admissions process, financial aid and scholarships
    • Free access to online courses for college admissions test preparation
    • Official transcripts
  • Additional online extracurricular activities such as Debate Club, Career Club, and College Planning Club
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, which allow students to combine both college preparation and workforce skills development into one customized education program. CTE courses encourage students to explore and prepare for careers in finance, marketing, psychology, criminal justice, and more.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

Core Courses

Health and PE

Personal Fitness II

Language Arts

AP English Language & Composition A
AP English Language & Composition B
AP English Language & Composition A&B
English 9 A
English 9 B
English 10 A
English 10 B
English 11 A
English 11 B
English 12 A
English 12 B
Honors English 9 A
Honors English 9 B
Honors English 10 A
Honors English 10 B
Honors English 11 A
Honors English 11 B
Honors English 12 A
Honors English 12 B
Journalism A
Journalism B
AP English Language & Composition B (NCAA Eligible)
Speech and Debate (NCAA Eligible)
Reading and Writing for Purpose
Speech and Debate


Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications A
Algebra I A
Algebra I B
Algebra II A
Algebra II B
Algebra with Finance B
AP Calculus AB A
AP Calculus AB A&B
AP Calculus AB B
AP Calculus BC A
AP Calculus BC A&B
AP Calculus BC B
AP Statistics A
AP Statistics A&B
AP Statistics B
Calculus A
Calculus B
Consumer Math A
Consumer Math B
Geometry A
Geometry B
Honors Algebra I A
Honors Algebra I B
Honors Algebra II A
Honors Algebra II B
Honors Geometry A
Honors Geometry B
Honors Precalculus A
Honors Precalculus B
AP Calculus AB – B (NCAA Eligible)
AP Calculus BC – B (NCAA Eligible)
AP Statistics B (NCAA Eligible)
Precalculus A
Precalculus B
Statistics A
Statistics B


AP Biology A
AP Biology B
AP Environmental Science A
AP Environmental Science B
Biology A
Biology B
Chemistry A
Chemistry B
Earth Science A
Earth Science B
Honors Biology A
Honors Biology B
Honors Chemistry A
Honors Chemistry B
Honors Earth Science A
Honors Earth Science B
Honors Physical Science A
Honors Physical Science B
Honors Physics A
Honors Physics B
Physical Science A
Physical Science B
Physics A
Physics B

Social Studies

AP Human Geography A
AP Human Geography B
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP United States Government and Politics
AP United States History A
AP United States History B
Geography and Society
Honors American Government B
Honors United States History A
Honors United States History B
Honors World History A
Honors World History B
Personal Finance
United States History A
United States History B
World Geography
World History A

Elective Courses

Career Technical

Accounting I
Accounting II
Administrative Duties & Office Management
Advertising & Sales Promotion
Anatomy and Physiology
Business Communication
Business Information Systems
Business Law
Business Math
Criminal Investigation
Developmental Writing
Health, Safety, and Nutrition
Human Resources Management
International Business
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Communication
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Introduction to Finance
Introduction to Homeland Security
Introduction to Law
Introduction to Medical Assisting
Introduction to Paralegal Profession
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Introductory Astronomy
Java Programming I
Java Programming II
Leadership and Supervision in Business
Medical Law and Ethics
Medical Terminology
Anatomy & Physiology (NCAA Eligible)
Business Law (NCAA Eligible)
Criminal Investigation (NCAA Eligible)
Introduction to Homeland Security (NCAA Eligible)
Introduction to Psychology (NCAA Eligible)
Introductory Astronomy (NCAA Eligible)
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Public Speaking
Research Methods

Health & PE

Health, Fitness, and Nutrition A
Health, Fitness, and Nutrition B
Personal Fitness
Personal Fitness II
Physical Education


AP Art History A
AP Art History A&B
AP Art History B
Art and World Cultures A
Art and World Cultures B
Art History A
Art History B
Digital Photography I A
Digital Photography I B
Living Music I
Living Music II

Language Arts

Journalism A
Journalism B
Reading and Writing for Purpose
Speech and Debate


AP Statistics A

AP Statistics B


Anatomy and Physiology
Astronomy: Exploring the Universe
Environmental Systems A
Environmental Systems B
Forensic Science 1
Honors Marine Science A
Honors Marine Science B
Introductory Astronomy
Marine Science A
Marine Science B

Skill Building

Driver’s Education

HS Introduction to Online Learning

Social Studies

AP Psychology
Business Law
Criminal Investigation
Homeland Security
Introduction to Law
Introduction to Psychology
Psychology A
Psychology B


2D Animation
3D Computer Modeling A
3D Computer Modeling B
AP Computer Science A (A)
AP Computer Science A (B)
Concepts of Engineering
Emergent Computer Technology
Game Design | A
Game Design | B
Game Design II
Introduction to Computer Applications
Web Design A
Web Design B

The Arts

Art and World Culture A

Art and World Cultures B