Online Advanced Placement® (AP®) Courses for High School Students


With United K12, advanced high school students can get a jump on earning college credits! This opportunity is available to full-time students, as well as to qualified homeschool or traditional school students who wish to enhance their current learning programs with more challenging academics.

Our students choose from an impressive assortment of College Board–approved online Advanced Placement®(AP®)* courses in many subject areas. our online AP courses for high school students are unmatched by other virtual public schools and exceed the offerings of many traditional schools, too.

Prepare for Academic Success in High School

Our AP courses prepares students to take the national AP exams. High scores on these tests may enable students to earn early college credit. Many four-year colleges in the United States and abroad will give students credit, advanced course placement, or both, depending on the individual college’s policies.

By taking virtual Advanced Placement courses, students demonstrate their commitment to higher education, which may give them a competitive advantage during the college application process. Enrolling in these demanding college-level courses also helps United K12 students gain the skills and study habits they’ll need to succeed in college.


* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.