About United K12 Academy

Expanding human perspectives and world harmony through education

As a virtual private school, United K12 is committed to providing an outstanding education that meets a student’s individual needs, regardless of the student’s location.


We believe that this personal focus in our online private school is the key to student achievement. In collaboration with supportive parents, our teachers and staff members are dedicated to motivating and inspiring students to do their best.

Nurtured Learner

The right school can connect your child to a future of unlimited possibilities. At United K12, we believe that helping students discover a love of learning is the key to reaching their potential. We connect students worldwide to a superb program that challenges and inspires young minds. United K12 provides a strong foundation in the basics and ensures that students gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in today’s global economy.

U.S. Core Curriculum

At United K12, online private school students receive a great online education at an affordable price. Our virtual school courses meet or exceed U.S. standards, as well as those set by leading educational organizations. They integrate the best texts, materials, and resources available to create a curriculum that keeps students engaged in new and creative ways. And our exclusive College Acceleration Program enables students to earn college credits and reduce college tuition costs.

Top Notch Tutors

Our tutors are certified educators who have been carefully screened and background checked. Most of our tutors hold a Master’s degree or higher to prove mastery of his or her subjects.

 1:1 Learning Coaches

United K12’s Learning Coaches treat education as an individual matter. Our coaches support and motivate students to stay on track with lessons, monitor progress, communicate and collaborate with teachers, send out weekly reports to parents, and a lot more. 

& Values

Our mission is to unlock each student’s potential to become a life-long independent learner. Our academy is built on trust through good relationships and incremental success, embraces diversity, encourages and is not judgmental, and creates curiosity through real-life applications.

Our program centers on one powerful idea:

Personalizing learning to meet each student’s needs so that we can give every student the best chance for academic success—and establish a positive path to achieving future goals.

Our Faculty

We believe that all K-12 students can benefit from individual attention and one-on-one support. Our faculty is passionate, certified, and specially trained to excel in online education. Our faculty is from all across the United States and are drawn to our virtual school because they care about their students and are passionate about our educational model for excellence. In every grade, our team works closely with every student to verify subject mastery, accelerate learning when possible, and provide students with ample opportunities to excel.

Learn more about United K12 from our Chief Academic Officer, Peter Sanchioni. 

What Our Students Say

The learning coach helped me a lot on how to operate the Connexus System as well as some of my class questions. She is both my teacher and my friend. Whenever I have difficult in class or technique, she can always deal with it quickly.


Teachers always start from vocabulary (key words) and then the key points of each lesson. They will explain definitions and give examples to help me understand materials.


All teachers are very responsible. The learning coach checks students’ progress almost every day and give feedback to us; Tutors start class on time and help students a lot.


Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

If you think our unique approach is right for your student, we encourage you to start the enrollment process right away. Students who start on time find it easier to adjust and thrive, particularly if they are new to virtual schooling. We’re here to help set your student up for success.